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I came to Jan hoping to get some insight to moving to my next level of being. With Jan's unique skill at deeply listening, then asking the precisely right question, I was able to reach that level, and now have the tools to sustain being there.

Jan embraces a warm and kinesthetic approach to coaching that fits my style perfectly. He has a way of asking just the right question at just the right time that would bring me to incredible realizations. His caring way of being shines forth, helping me feel totally safe and cared for, and his ability to bring together all the disparate parts of my story into one macro viewpoint is uncanny. I loved how he didn't even need to hear the story, he would simply ask the right questions to help me clarify what I really needed from the meeting. I looked forward to every meeting, knowing that i would greatly benefit, and I did!


In addition, Jan recorded the meetings (with my permission) and sent me the recordings. This is the first time I've experienced this, and was amazed at how much I learned by viewing the recordings. Everything Jan does is for the benefit of the client, and I really appreciate the chance to be coached by him. I now offer my clients to record their meetings. Jan's graphical note taking is something I do with my clients, and I learned a different approach to how I do it. Finally, Jan would share at the end of the meeting what he learned from me, which left me feeling wonderful.

Jan demonstrates MCC Coaching at its best. He comes to the meeting as a learner, helping the client to uncover their own learning that best meets where they want to go. His unconscious competence with foundational coaching competencies is a springboard for his artful approach to coaching, opening up possibilities with great joy. I gained deep learning and critical insights as a result of Jan's coaching, and am very grateful to have worked with him.


Jan is using an innovative method to catch the moment of now throughout coaching process. It engages with deeper resources one has, and creates insights and desire to go to actions. The relationship Jan is creating, supports and gives burst to desire to rase above oneself.

Jan coaching style is direct, empathetic and firm. Throughout the coaching with Jan, it is possible to get to the depth of your core motivations and mobilise them for having new actions for the future. There are different methods the coaches use. Jan's method is powerful and straightforward!


Jan Georg is a kind, caring, compassionate, engaged coach. He listens intently to what is said and unsaid. He is both direct and playful; his coaching goes to depth without being overly heavy, and helped me get to the solutions I needed.

Jan Georg uses an Ericksonian approach which is both free-flowing and structured. There is a logical path to follow as the session flows. I loved the visual and verbal feedback both during and after the session. I always got a copy of the coaching notes, complete with drawings and notes. I found it to be quite delightful! Additionally, Jan Georg is excellent at picking up nuances that hold answers I would have missed.

I learned how to speak up sooner and better when I am uncomfortable and how to be more realistic with what I expect of myself. (Which also helps me be more realistic in my expectations of others.) In addition to a financial budget, I created a time budget and eliminated several things that had been spreading me too thin. I realistically looked at how much I was accomplishing and realized I wasn't getting them done anyway and they were taking my focus from things I cared more about. It helped me stop being so hard on myself. I'm enjoying life more and doing less.


Jan is a gentle, thoughtful coach. But behind that gentleness is the courage and the tenacity of a Pit Bull! Jan's approach really helped deeepen my own self reflection, and gave me the space of who I needed to be emotionally. It was a gift.

Jan had a very indirect coaching style. He almost never made a suggestion, spoke about himself or proffered a hint of a leading question. He built amazing rapport and we had a good laugh all the way through. He was humble, genuine, challenging and kind.

Jan was completely non-judgemental and even though English is not his first language, he used my words perfectly to help me hear myself and the way I was using words and creating my reality.

I learned that I have a favorite "style" or "methodology" of coaching and when I am coached in a different style I resist at first! : ) Jan's patience with me was enduring and I admired his dedication to learning new practices. He was a master with a beginner's mind. I feel emotionally lighter and with less "baggage" after working with Jan.


I loved working with Jan. His deep listening and full presence are a gift. Even when you think there's no place to explore or discover, he hears something and offers it as a new pathway. The coaching would be effortless, and yet wonderful things would be discovered.

I was fascinated how he managed to capture significant words out of what I was saying, and then simply and easily use that as a new pathway to explore. Of course it's an easy coaching technique, but he did it so beautifully time and again.

I notice myself being a little more stepped back in my coaching now. Not fading away, but more of trying his style. Simply noticing what the client is saying and offering their words back to them with curiosity.

As was my topic, this has helped me get more productive and focused on my work.


Jan is a master coach who uses intuition and insight. As a result of his amazing coaching I was able to shift my perspective, which was essential for me to make the change that I needed to make.

Jan is intuitive and asked great questions. Through his great questions and insights I was able to shift my perspective and see my situation through a different lens. The questions took me out of my frame of reference to see my situation in a different view or light.

Jan is a master coach and he used the competencies in a natural and skillful way so I could uncover what was getting in my way. Yes, I got clarity on what was important to me and how to make the changes so I could explore my full potential.


I learned from Jan that I can coach past emotional issue since it is present in the moment and keep the ICF core competencies alive with the coaching session. Jan coach on the moment, he directed the session, according to the present issue. He is attentive to feelings and non spoken words.