Photo: Points of You

Points of You

Points of You® offers innovative tools and training for professional and personal development. Our tools use the language of images, the most powerful language in the world today that inspires and evokes thoughts. It makes communication easier. We can look at everything in the world from infinite angles. When we feel stuck in a situation, we often experience a tunnel vision and we do not see the whole picture. Then it is always good to pause. Teamcoaching or a workshop with pictures, stories, and even music, makes it possible to expand, use all senses and see new perspectives.

Explore topics in a playful and fun way and strengthen the sense of unity in the team. Points of You connects themes, associative photos and words in a fantastic way. It activates the whole brain, both logical-analytical thinking and creative-intuitive reactions.

We start with a pause and look inward

Then we expand our perspectives

We focus on the most important things

And we round off with some first steps

A tiny little taste

Choose a theme or challenge that you want to explore, reflect on, or find more possible solutions for.

If on a laptop hold the mouse pointer over the card to reveal it and:

  • Reflect on what this picture and this word tell you
  • What does the colour scheme of the image mean to you?
  • Which detail do you pay most attention to?
  • Now reflect on what the combination of picture and word tells you in relation to your possibilities

Your facilitator is Maria C. Hofman, Certified Points of You trainer.

If you are interested in team coaching or a workshop for your team, please get in touch for an informative chat and / or demo.