Our coachpool 'Hopehav'

Welcome to Hopehav. We look forward to working with you!

You may be wondering about the name 'Hopehav'? Hopehav is an old Norwegian word used to express something one has in common (owning together). We want to breathe new life into this good old Norwegian word. We at Hopehav share a common human view that when we work together and really see each other, we humans can achieve the most incredible things. We are happy to work with you to make inevitable changes pleasurable.

Hopehav consists of consultants who all have an ICF-accredited coaching education from Erickson coaching. With this, we have the positive Erickson view on people as a common basis, also to the delight of our customers. The coaches from both our student coaching pool and our professional coaching pool agree to uphold the ethics and standards of conduct established by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) - www.coachfederation.org/ethics. It is recommended that customers reviews ICF's ethical guidelines and applicable standards for conduct.

Our professional coaches are all ICF certified at one of the following competence levels:

  • ACC with exam at ACC level
  • ACC with exam at PCC level
  • PCC
  • MCC

From our references we can mention that Erickson coaching pool 'Hopehav' in the early 2000s provided ICF coaching for top leaders and leadership groups for 20-25 % of all schools in Oslo on behalf of the Education Agency. This was part of two 4-year group agreements with Oslo Municipality.

We are happy to have a non-binding chat in order to provide your organization with a tailor-made offer. It is easy to get in touch with us, just fill out the form below:


Access to a new kingdom is your goal, so take courage in your chest, until you have found a 'hopehav' of royalty, dark and light.

- Paul McEuen -