Strengths-based coaching

If you want to increase your awareness of character strengths, ICF coaching combined with focusing on your character strengths may be for you. Before we start coaching sessions, you get your strength profile that we go through and which will stay part of your coaching journey.

You learn the universal language of 24 VIA character strengths that unites us because we all have them available. Character strengths are the backbone of positive psychology, the science of how we thrive best in life with its ups and downs. They are universal positive qualities that say something about who we are and what values we stand for. And about how we think, feel and act, and this is exactly where we need new perspectives if we want to change or achieve something. Awareness around, and development of character strengths has shown to have a positive effect on our commitment, our well-being, our achievements and our relationships among others.

You can get your strengths profile here.

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