Mentoring 1:1

3 brains head-heart-gut mentor feedback gives you the highest cost/benefit speedy enhancement to pass your PCC or MCC level ICF certifications

Join the dancefloor with Jan Georg Kristiansen (MCC), the dancing 3 brains coach and mentor-coach.

  • Achieve a high quality and speedy enhancement of your coaching skills to pass your PCC or MCC level ICF certification.
  • Get 3 brains head-heart-gut mentor feedback based on your latest (30, max. 40 min) recordings and/or live sessions
  • You will learn how to respecting 3 brains and much easier coach at PCC and MCC level.
  • Both the coaching and the feedback to be recorded for your own self study
    • 1,5 hrs /sessions
    • 290 Euro / session 1,5 hrs. Package 990 Euro / 4 x 1,5 hrs sessions (=6 hours)
  • Fill in the registration form below, and Jan Georg will soon contact you for a 30 minutes Zoom-meeeting clarifying what you want to achieve.

Testemonials and references from MCC-certified coaches who were 'ICF Peer Reciprocal' coached 6 hours by Jan Georg Kristiansen

‘If we are client based services, how come that we are not serving the client the picture of how the client sees the world.

And leverage and use it to his/her beneficiary’

Laila Dicu (PhD, MCC, coachee 2021)

Free reflection meeting

‘3 brains Follow The Client is something which is enablingmentors,coaches and trainers to capture what the client want, and lead them to breakthrough. They see something that is changing their life.’

Kathy Harman (PhD, MCC, coachee 2020)Nominee ‘Coach of the year’ ICF Global

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Let's talk if you have questions about the Mentoring or when you want to book mentoring or coaching hours on your path towards your coaching certifications (ICF ACC, PCC and MCC).