Learning 3 Brains Note-taking

Jan Georg Kristiansen introduces the neuroscience-based note-taking method with the 1-page Navigator.

There are many ways to take notes, but how effective are they? Are you a 'conversation leader' who wants to create a safe space for participants? This note-taking method is based on neuroscience and supported by 'FollowTheClient® | Navigator', a one-page map. The goal is to support the coachee in finding the perfect questions so that the coachee can find their own perfect answers.


Note-taking with the Navigator is according to how your 3 brains - head, heart and gut -  and body thinking systems commonly cooperate and dance with each other during the coaching, mentoring and teamcoaching. Instead of exhausting yourself in difficult conversations, you learn how to keep the energy flowing and enjoying being a coach, making coaching a safe place for both coachee and coach.

The neuroscience-based 'FollowTheClient® | Navigator' is used in note-taking to assist you in writing coachees words which come from their 3 brains - the head (thought patterns), the heart (beliefs and values) and the gut (behaviours and activity) - in designated spaces of the map. Seeing on paper how the brain works makes it easier to ask the right questions at the right time. The Navigator supports following the client by taking some pressure off the coach by bridging the gap between our slower mental thinking systems and our faster body thinking systems. Your clients succeed in getting emotional ownership of key results.

Step 1 Head-Heart-Gut circular dancing show

In this first step FREE microcourse you get to experience how the 3 Brains note-taking method is used in an actual coaching conversation and also get a glimpse of the Navigator, the 1-page map that is used.

Duration: 1,5 - 2 hours

Price: FREE (for individuals see under 'Activities' or contact for demo for your group)

Step 2 Head-Gut support of change

In this second step course you learn how to use the 3 Brains note-taking method Navigator to keep track of the conversation. You will get a good understanding of what and where to write down main clients words effectively in the first phases of most coaching sessions.

Duration: 3 hours

Price p.p: 2300 kroner NOK (no VAT)

Step 3 Heart respect

In this third step 3 Brains note-taking course you really open up coachees heart to him/her self, to the protectors of status quo, to the prerequisits of action. How to be the strongest coach PCC/MCC present because you are not being afraid of losing yourself.

Duration: 4 hours

Price p.p: 3000 kroner NOK (no VAT)

Introductory video 38 seconds

Click the link above for an introductory video on the new neuroscience-based 3 brains note-taking.

Listen to a podcast

Jan Georg Kristiansen is happy to share with you that he is being featured on The Global Campfire of Coaching, a podcast with a world-wide audience creating INSPIRATION, COMMUNITY and MASTERY with and for coaches!

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Introductory video 5 minutes

Click the link above for an introductory video for the new neuroscience-based note-taking method with the 1 page Navigator by Follow The Client®.

Free virtual coffee meeting

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Testemonials and references from MCC-certified coaches who were coached 6 hours by Jan Georg Kristiansen

Kathleen: "Jan demonstrates MCC Coaching at its best. He comes to the meeting as a learner, helping the client to uncover their own learning that best meets where they want to go.

Joanna: " I loved the visual and verbal feedback both during and after the session. I always got a copy of the coaching notes, complete with drawings and notes. I found it to be quite delightful! Additionally, Jan Georg is excellent at picking up nuances that hold answers I would have missed."

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