Groupmentoring 3-brains feedback 9 hours Masterclass

Mentoring, leadership and coaching are the driving forces for faster cultural change. For professional mentors and coaches preparing for next ICF certification. Includes becoming an even more powerful leader, team coach or chairperson. Join a 1-3 day masterclass. It introduces the neuroscience-based note-taking method: 1-page Navigator; 'from where does the clients words come - circuating the words back to the clients 3 brains!'

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Learning 3 Brains Note-taking

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Step 1 Head-Heart-Gut circular dancing show

In this first step FREE microcourse you get to experience how the note-taking method is used in an actual coaching conversation and also get a glimpse of the Navigator, the 1-page map that is used.

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Step 2 Head-Gut support of change

In this second step course you learn how to use the 3Brain Navigator, the 1-page map, to keep track of all complex conversations. You will get a good understanding of what and where to write down main clients words effectively in the first phases of most coaching sessions ('from where does the words come!').

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Step 3 Heart respect

In this third step course you really open up coachees heart to him/her self, to the protectors of status quo, to the prerequisits of action. How to be the strongest coach PCC/MCC present because you are not being afraid of losing yourself.

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Webinar Becoming aware of your Character Strenghts

Learn the universal language of 24 VIA character strengths which are the backbone of positive psychology, the science of how we thrive best in life with its ups and downs. Awareness around, and development of character strengths has shown to have a positive effect on our commitment, our well-being, our achievements and our relationships. All important topics in coaching.