About oss

Welcome to Follow The Client. We look forward to working with you!

All mentors and consultants at Follow The Client believe that when we really see each other, we humans can work together and achieve the most incredible results. We regard our clients being mentors, as we are. Being experts in following you - the client - we are able to work with you as the decision maker. Together we make your company's inevitable changes pleasurable.

Follow The Client provide consultants who all have a coaching education from Erickson and have an ICF*-certification. With this, we have the positive Erickson view of humans as a common basis. Follow The Client is the 'consultant window' for the Erickson Coaching Norway school, delivering transformational processes with corporate clients since 1998.

*International Coaching Federation

Who are we?

Jan Georg Kristiansen

"The dancing mentor"

  • CEO of Erickson Coaching Nordic
  • MBA, MSc in Economics NHH, teacher
  • MA in Applied Coaching, Erickson ECPC and the Nordic region's 3rd ICF MCC certified coach
  • Main supplier in leadership development and coaching for "Competence company of the year" named by HR Norway 2008
  • has developed the world's first note-taking method based on neuroscience making it easier to follow the client
  • Author of two mentoring, leadership and coaching books

Maria Cornelia Hofman

"Thought Artist"

  • Owner of Tankeflyt
  • Assistant CEO in Erickson Coaching Norway
  • Master in Scandinavian Studies
  • Erickson ECPC and Certified ICF coach, PCC
  • Certified Points of You® facilitator
  • Specialization in Positive Psychology VIA Character Strengths and Charter Certified Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice (MBSP) leader
  • Certified Zentangle® Teacher (CZT)