The Art of thinking together

Follow The Client is inspired by an old Norwegian word 'Hopehav'  meaning co-ownership and community. Our consultants stand out from the crowd by their Ericksonian postive outlook on humans expressed by their coaching attitude and coaching behaviour. We are all mentors. Is your organizational culture now locked in fixed patterns and needs energy for development? Find your solution in co-creating with us!

Change is inevitable

  • We make changes pleasurable
  • We are genuinely curious and listening
  • We use documented creative human-focused tools
  • We create tailor-made energy-giving processes for you or your team

Do you feel that you are as a leader left on your own, that obstacles might seem insurmountable or that the road is one single long uphill? We help you deal with uncertainty and show you how to get control of the controllable! Release your energy so that you develop yourself, your team and your organization. Your customers and everyone else will notice.

For tailor-made arrangements, we offer free reflection meetings